Linden Lodge Dementia Suite

Evidence Based Dementia Inclusive Design

The Fern Dean dementia unit is establishing a new benchmark for dementia care in Ireland. Every detail has been considered. The design interventions are invisible to the untrained eye yet offer additional cognitive, sensory and physical support resulting in a calmer, more supportive and enabling home for residents.  Studies have shown that inclusive design reduces stress and anxiety, medication requirement, sedation and falls, whilst promoting greater social interaction, independence, dignity, self-care and quality of life for residents. Images are seen at the bottom of this page.

Design With All of The Senses in Mind

People living with dementia may experience reduced mobility and difficulties with balance. Day-to-day activities such as walking, standing and sitting become increasingly difficult. All the senses can be affected, and a person must rely on the remaining senses to interact with their surroundings. Dementia can affect the ability to filter multiple, simultaneous, sensory stimuli, which can result in a person becoming confused and overwhelmed.

Simple Yet Intuitive Design – Minimising Auditory & Visual Clutter

Residents can focus on what is important without unnecessary distractions. Auditory and visual clutter have been minimised to create a more calming environment. Colour zoning and specialist signage will assist residents to navigate their way around. This has been achieved as colour has been used to de-emphasize doors to service areas and exits while highlighting doors leading to communal areas, toilets and bedrooms. Specific products and materials have been selected so that glare and light reflections are reduced as the tolerance for both can diminish as we age.

Appropriate Use of Furnishings

Heightened use of contrast and colour in the décor and furnishings helps to compensate for lost abilities, supporting your family member to better understand and read their environment. Items are designed to contrast against the background against which they are viewed. Chairs are designed to offer additional support and arms to assist with sitting and standing. Intelligent fabrics have been selected which breath and stretch to alleviate pressure, whilst being both attractive and comfortable. Specialist high performance carpets offer additional comfort, reducing reverberated sound and ensuring a homely feel.. Carpets are also shown to promote good communication by minimising noise and they reduce the risk of injuries from falls when used in a care setting.
We are excited to open the Linden Lodge which has been refurbished to provide a familiar and inviting environment for our residents.

Specialist Staffing and Training

To lead the team within the Linden Lodge we have brought Ms. Sindija Birkenberga, Clinical Nurse Specialist, to The Fern Dean. Sindija holds a Master’s degree in Dementia Care from the University of Stirling. She has 14 years’ experience working with people living with Dementia in the community and in long-term care.

Our aim is to provide care which focuses on what a person can still do and ensuring they live a full life rather than focus on what a person has lost. People with Dementia can continue to live a full life with the right support from people who want to make a difference and have a passion to do so. I assess each person’s needs from both a physiological and emotional perspective. We implement individualised care focusing on what’s right for each person. I also provide support to families and our staff. We know that it’s the little things that matter and we are more than happy to do what we can to help our residents feel very comfortable and happy in their surroundings.

Ms. Sindija Birkenberga, Clinical Nurse Specialist

A wide section of activities are available to our residents. These can be physical, creative or just for fun. Some examples are flower arranging, dance, painting along with more relaxing and sensory activities such as Sonas (provide link to a simple explanation of Sonas), Reflexology, Reminiscence therapy, Dolls Therapy or Pet therapy amongst others.

Sindija has developed a dedicated approach to promote a culture within the Linden Lodge which will ensure a positive home for your loved one.