Fern Dean Estates

The Fern Dean can be described as a community within the community. We cater for residents from the local area and further afield. Our ethos of togetherness is promoted by supporting relationships and connections, both old and new.

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Garden Lodge

The residents of Garden Lodge benefit from a vibrant atmosphere generated by all the comers and goers to The Fern Dean community. It is somewhat of a hub of activity as it acts as the gateway to the various garden spaces, hosts a number of weekly religious services, contains the front of house services and a number of other community amenities such as the hairdressing salon and gallery. The manager of the Garden Lodge Estate is an experienced lady with a warm approach that compliments the bubbly nature of activity in this area.

Fern Lodge

The Fern Lodge is a community that predominantly supports residents with dementia or cognitive impairment. The accommodation areas focus around carefully appointed lounges and domestic hubs designed to ensure a supportive environment. The social scene on the Fern Lodge is carefully tailored to supporting its distinguished residents in a manner that is sensitive to their own very important needs. The manager of the Fern Lodge Estate has vast experience in the effective operation and oversight of services for residents with dementia and succeeds in creating strong partnerships between residents, staff (care partners), friends and family.

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Sycamore Lodge

The Sycamore Lodge Estate benefits from an array of the usual lounges and breakout spaces, with an emphasis on stylistic small living spaces with an elegant domestic feel. Many of the private rooms and suites are focused in this area with a variety of different accommodation options. The manager of the Sycamore Lodge, a most capable and passionate lady, again drives a very unique and differentiated approach to the support of social life in this community within the home, with opportunity for intimate and meaningful connections to be built around residents of the Sycamore Lodge remaining the key focus.